Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Total Weakness....

It's confession time.  I was so weak when I got home.  I knew after I took a hot bath for my shoulder and neck pain---I should have just gotten in the bed.  But no, I go into the living room and start watching Housewives of Orange County, with a glass of merlot.  After I had already taken my ambian..  Think flashing sign about right now----NEED TO BE IN BED!!!  Needless to say, at some point after the ambian kicked in---I fixed myself some greek yogurt dip with a packet of chili powder mixed into it.  (Must have been out of my spicy ranch packets).  Then proceeded to eat that with veggie chips.  I really can't say how long this process went on for..  But it must have been awhile---cause I was burping that dip taste all the way to work..  YUCK!!!  SOOOO should have gone to bed before the dip got involved!

I'm so glad that I have a doctor appointment tomorrow--just a check up, but we are for sure going to discuss my neck!!  And my "big daddy" heating pad should come in tomorrow.  It gets so hot I think you could cook on it...  But well worth it.  Taking the "wanna be a heating pad" back to Walmart...

I really hope the weather holds out and continues to be pretty.   I want to take Mya for a walk/run at Vetrans Park.  It was so nice there the other day.  Our only issue may be the ducks...???....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Our First Treadmill Ride!!!

Yesterday Mya was full of energy and of course it was raining.  Like all day raining.  I had been watching the Dog Whisperer and doing some cleaning when on the episode I was watching he showed us how to teach the dog to walk on the treadmill.  That's all it took!!  She did almost 35 minutes and I got my bathroom cleaned!!  Now I didn't leave her unattended---Mac sat with her.  But she did very well for her first time on it.

In other weekend news, Mac and I went to see Oblivion with Tom Cruise.  It was a pretty good movie.  Not as good as Jerry McGuire, but good.  Mac really enjoyed it.  And anything SyFy is good to me as well.  
I would really like to see Iron Man 3 coming out this Friday...  Love me some Robert Downy Jr.

That was about all the excitement we had for our weekend.  Diet wise, I ate pretty good.  Made crock pot chicken pot pie.  Mac loved it this time and it makes great left overs for work.  So, guess what I'm having for lunch??  

I have also declared that this week will be a much better week than last.  Hopefully the heating pad will continue to help my neck.  But if it is not better by Wednesday---I will for sure bring it to my doctor's attention on Wednesday..  I don't do pain well at all....  Will get bitchy here pretty soon....

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

TGIF!!! And So Much More!!!

I have only worked one day, today---due to a nasty fall on my deck.  Which I thought was going to kill me!  My neck is so messed up..  Thank Goodness my sweet girl Mya was there to "assist" because if she hadn't been there, I would have gone completly over the deck.  Then, I would have been dead damn-it---for sure!  But you can rest assured that the nail that tripped me is no longer there!!  Smashed that thing with a vingence!!

Just been a horrific week.  Left my hair straightener on from Tuesday to Thursday---nice little spot on my bathroom counter from that.  I also got up yesterday and realized I had left a stove top burner on from the night before.  THIS HAS NOT BEEN MY WEEK!!!  Just let me make it through today with my gemped up neck and all will be good!!

Mac and I are going to see Oblivion with Tom Cruise tomorrow.  He also wants to eat at Waffle House!  I do have to admit, they have the BEST fiesta omlette I have ever had!  So, I'm actually looking forward to my date with the cutest man ever....

On the dieting front, weighed this morning and am down another pound.  I didn't exercise any this week so I think it's just from lack of eating due to my neck hurting so bad---I just didn't feel like fixing anything.  So I ate simple.  Fruits and things like that.  And it's supposed to be rainy on and off this weekend so I doubt I will get much outside time in.  Treadmill...  I just keep reminding myself---I have actually signed up for a 5k!!!  So work your booty out!!!  Today is payday, however, and I'm having my beautiful Subway Tuna Salad!!!  YUM!!!

Here is the trailer for the movie we are seeing...  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've Committed!!!

I have committed to my first ever 5K!!  I'm so excited!!  And it looks like such a fun race!  It's going to be in November so I won't have to battle the heat on race day.  Just going to make training throughout the summer a little miserable.  But I CAN do this.  And best of all, my BFF, April, is going to do it with me!

So, hopefully today is my last sick day!  Cause I'm working toward a major goal now and can't afford to be sick!!

I will be taking any advice any of my running friends or followers have to send!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What I'm Reading...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Just thought I would toss out this book that I found on Amazon. I had to actually buy the real book---its not available via iPad or Kindle!!  Feels so weird to actually hold a book!!  Any who--it's about this man and his desire to run.  He was in no condition to run, health wise  but slowly all that changed.  Now he runs marathons and loves the sport so much.  I'm finding it very helpful and a very easy read.

Better review when I finish...  It's called The Courage To Start:  A Guide To Running for Your Life

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Sweet Friday!!

Can I get a "holla" that this week is almost over!!  I'm just worn out.   Four twelve hour shifts last week and this week---PLUS baseball and everything else that life entails...  I'm ready for some downtime!  I hope the sun makes it's way out and drys everything up from last nights rain.  Was planning on some yard work tomorrow as my exercise.  Still going to get in a couple of miles with Mya. 

Oh the dieting front, I'm down another pound this week.  Whoop!!!  If I would just drag my ass out of that warm bed before work, it would be more.  But if not, then there has to be ALOT of exercise on my off days!  Anybody else struggling with those "before work" workouts??

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting In Weekend Mode....

Is anybody besides me ready for the week to be over?  It has been a week of craziness for me and I could call it done!!  I'm ready for my four days off!
Funny story to share with you...  I'm at Publix (our local grocery store) and am about to load my groceries when I go to unlock my car and notice the remote is broken in half.  And I mean no way of working.  Now I have had this SUV since 2003 and never had to replace the keyless remote thing.  So when I notice this, the first thing that flies out of my mouth is, "OMG---how am I going to get into the car?"  Well the very nice lady beside me, after she tries to contain her laughter, tells me to use the key.  Now do I need to point out how crazy stupid I felt at that moment?  Well, after THAT moment, I then busted out into laughing as did the nice lady.  We could have rolled on the floor...  Needless to say, the key works....  And my sweet friend Adam has ordered me not one but two remotes.  So I should be up and totally running by the end of next week!!

Have you had a funny "blond" moment lately??

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sexy Yoga...

I saw this on another blog and thought it was so beautifully done...   Did I also mention, it is some sexy yoga! 

Acro Yoga By Equinox

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Saturday...

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend..  For the first time in probably 10 plus years, I over slept this morning for work.   I haven't bolted out of bed so fast in many years!  It was funny, but not---you know...  I'm just so stressed about some personal issues, it's making it hard for me to sleep.. Even with my Ambian..  I truly hope to turn in early tonight...

I found this TOTALLY SIMPLE recipe on Pinterest and just had to re-post it.  All you need is one box Angel Food cake mix (dry) and one, 20 or 22 ounce can of fruit pie filling.  Mix it together and bake in an un-greased 9x13 pan at 350 degrees for 28-30 minutes.  It puffs up!!  My addiction is blueberries..  I can't wait!!  May be Monday before I get to actually make it.  But it is for sure on the "to do" list!

Did you bake or cook anything special this weekend??

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy Day Work Out....

Can I first just say how damn glad I am to be off work.  What a beat down!!  Love my job, but wow--last three days have been bussssyyyy...  And of course I'm off today and tomorrow and we are having storms.  Damn again...  But just have to make the best of it.  Mya and I will be practicing our training.  If only I could teach her to help me clean house.

I'm starting or at least attempting a new work out DVD today since it's all yucky outside..  It's call Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.  I know, extreme..  However, since I have found a wonderful sports bra---I'm ready to brave all things with jumping in them!!  If Mya could video, I'm sure she would be posting it on YouTube to get back at me for something...  Cause it's a hot mess of sweat and talking to Jesus!!  I'm 100% sure there will be pain involved tomorrow...    Here is a link to it on Amazon, but I got mine at Walmart.

I'm not saying I'll do this every day for 30 days..  But since its has three different levels and is only 30 minutes of torture---I think it's doable!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Recipe Find!!!

I Don't Go to the Gym is a new blog I found just by looking at who other bloggers are following... What a find!!  She posted a recipe yesterday that looks great!!  Its called Cashew Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps.
Looks so tasty..   I borrowed her picture as well.  I'm sure my end result would not photograph like that!!  Any who-- pop over to her blog and check it out.

And on an even HAPPIER note---today is my "Friday til Saturday"!!!  Whoop!!  Angels are singing!  Never fails, when I sign up for overtime, they get their monies worth.  We are crazy busy at work.  It also figures that Mac is home sick with the sinus crud....  Poor little man....

Happy Hump Day friends!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sick Xterra....

I'm so sad to report that my sweet Betty the Xterra is sick today and at Dr. Goodyear.  However, "Betty" is so good to me, she didn't run hot until I got off work last night and was parked waiting to get Mac from my parents.  It's just a miracle I happened to look down and notice she was running hot with fever.  She has NEVER run hot before, so I've had a tendency to not pay attention to the temperature gauge.  Very glad she did me right and didn't get sick on the interstate or worse in the parking deck!!  I've sent a a Facebook prayer request for a very cheap recovery...  Not much room in the divorce budget for Betty---since she has been so dependable...

Wouldn't this be fun??  Oh to be young.....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivational Monday...

I'm needing alot of this for this very busy week I'm about to have.  I have everything in place, I cooked meals ahead of time, moved the treadmill into my bedroom, set out my workout cloths---did it all!!  Now it's time to put the words to actions.  Why can that be the hardest thing to do sometimes...

In reading one of my favorite books by Joel Osteen, I Declare:  31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life, I really thought this passage was so good.   It is true, I can handle the challenges I am facing.  I just have to stop letting "myself" stand in the way.  Everything takes time and patience---both qualities I have always struggled with.  But I'm learning daily...  Check out the passage below....

With that said...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Gadget Lovein....

I'm really excited to use my new Nordic Ware Egg Muffin maker I bought recently.  I love anything that is fast and less mess.  And did I mention it's cheap?  Got it at Walmart...  So tomorrow after my workout or maybe before, I'm going to fix me a nice, low calorie egg white sandwich..  Yum!!  

I've started using the All Whites in the container.  There again, no mess and quick!  If you haven't tried them, well you should!!  I add peppers and black beans to mine---so tasty!!

Mac is heading out to the Spring Fling to finish up his community hours for school and I'm going to bust out cleaning this house!  Cranking up the music and turbo cleaning!  Mya is dying for a pretty day and a long walk after being inside for the past three days.  She is going with me tonight to my brothers so we can work on some of her training exercises.  That means I'm working on one of my goals of getting her "out" more around people.  How am I going to raise/train her to be a therapy dog if I don't get her out and around other people??  And it's really me not her.  I'm afraid she won't do good--BUT--I'm not even giving her a chance!!  Changing that this weekend!!!

What changes are you making this weekend??

Friday, April 5, 2013

April Challenge---Goals..

I'm following this awesome blogger at My Road To Health and have signed up for her April challenge.  She asked us yesterday to list 10 goals we would like to achieve.  Now, I have "mental" goals I set all the time, but rarely put them down in writing.  Well, I'm putting them out there for the world today!!

1.  Lose 2 more pounds by 4-15 for my doctor's appointment.
2.  Be more consistent with my exercise.
3.  Take Mya to more "public" places regularly.
4.  Cook more meals ahead of time for the week.
5.  Be brave enough to try and bicycle with Mya on her leash with me.
6.  Spend less, enjoy more of what I have.
7.  Although I have blogged for years, learn to be more "open" with it.
8.  Run a non stop mile.  Long term---do a 5k.
9.  Lose 10 more pounds by June 2013.
10. Be happy with "me".
Bonus:  Drink as much water on my off days as I do at work!!

Since my last one basically has an end date of June---I will do a final update then.   It's funny how when I was thinking of these, I got stuck around 7 or 8.  But when I finished, I could think of several more I could have listed.  However, I don't want to overwhelm myself. One thing I try very hard to do is something my psychiatrist advised me to do, "the rule of 5".  I try to never look further out than 5 of anything.   Living by this now and through my divorce this past year has REALLY helped me keep my sanity!!

And on another happy note---TGIF!!!  I'm hoping to fight off this cold and enjoy the sunny weather we are "supposed" to have this weekend.  However, in Alabama---we know how fast THAT can change!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Favorite Things....

I just love finding new favorite things.  Two reasons, first is that it means that I branched out and tried something new!  Secondly---it means that if it's a "favorite thing" it is REALLY good!!  I'm in love with all things coconut right now and this thing is like a mound candy bar..  Awesome I'm telling ya!  It's got 190 calories and 9 grams of protein.  I don't think that's too bad.  The other day I had this and my favorite veggie right now, cucumber, and called it dinner.  I think Publix, our local grocery store, probably calls me "the cucumber lady" behind my back.  And yes, we could have so much fun with that--but this blog is PG--for today atleast...

My second favorite thing is Oikos Greek Yogurt Pomegranate.  I didn't try greek yogurt until this past year, but now I don't think I have bought regular yogurt since.  I also love this brand in blueberry.  This is normally my 4pm snack and then I try to dinner around 6:30ish to 7pm at the latest.  I find that I do better if I try to eat atleast every four hours.  Oranges and apples are also very good right now.  I try to have one of each everyday.  But the orange for sure...  I love sweet ones.  Back to the yogurt, TRY THIS!!  I promise you will like it.

What is your "favorite thing?"  I've learned in order to stick to my diet, I've got to branch out..  Variety is the key!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

K9 Nose Work Trails----FUN!!!!

     Can I just tell you that I had the BEST time this past weekend at the K9 Nose Work Trails.  It was so amazing to see these dogs searching for those scents.  Friday was for the level two dogs so it was a little more intense.  I was so amazed at how many little dogs do this sport.  Some of them I don't think were even tall enough to get into the area the scent was in!!  But those cute little babies found it.
      Mac went with me on Saturday and fell in love with it!  He was also amazed at how fast some of the dogs found the scents.  He said he wants to be the handler when Mya starts her training for it.  It was just really nice to find something that Mac and I can do together.  With him growing up it seems those activities are few and far between.

     Now to catch you up on the dieting and exercise---well you will be disappointed!!  I didn't do horrible, but I sure didn't do good either.  I didn't get the treadmill moved upstairs so I haven't gotten on it.  I did manage to walk Mya Friday evening.  But did very minimal after that.  I think the pollen is kicking my booty. I know, another excuse!  But I did start logging everything back into my fitness pal today so HOPEFULLY I will get back on track.  Just to put it out there, the scale showed a 2 point gain this morning.  I'm kicking in the water so I'm hoping my energy level will improve too.  I also feel like I do better when I read all my "motivational" blogs about weight loss.  Helps me realize I'm not the only one with struggles and has set backs.
     So, this is another week and another chance to do it right.  That's how I look at it....  How do you re-group and get things back on track??