Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Gadget Lovein....

I'm really excited to use my new Nordic Ware Egg Muffin maker I bought recently.  I love anything that is fast and less mess.  And did I mention it's cheap?  Got it at Walmart...  So tomorrow after my workout or maybe before, I'm going to fix me a nice, low calorie egg white sandwich..  Yum!!  

I've started using the All Whites in the container.  There again, no mess and quick!  If you haven't tried them, well you should!!  I add peppers and black beans to mine---so tasty!!

Mac is heading out to the Spring Fling to finish up his community hours for school and I'm going to bust out cleaning this house!  Cranking up the music and turbo cleaning!  Mya is dying for a pretty day and a long walk after being inside for the past three days.  She is going with me tonight to my brothers so we can work on some of her training exercises.  That means I'm working on one of my goals of getting her "out" more around people.  How am I going to raise/train her to be a therapy dog if I don't get her out and around other people??  And it's really me not her.  I'm afraid she won't do good--BUT--I'm not even giving her a chance!!  Changing that this weekend!!!

What changes are you making this weekend??

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