Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party Day!!!

Looking forward to a fun night to with Jeaneen and her friends!!!  Pure Romance style!!!

Be sure to like my Facebook page for current sales and party dates that are avilable.  Just click on the link to the right!!! 

Have a great day friends!!!  And ROLL TIDE!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Friday and Game Weekend!!!

Hey!!!  Hey!!! Hey!!  I'm so sorry that I have been AMA for a while.  I have the cold/cough from Hell last week and most of this one.  Still trying to get back to 100%.  And through this, I had several Pure Romance parties, which is a good thing because sick or not---I LOVE doing my parties!!  But one of the BEST things that start back this weekend is ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!  Now, I have a party Saturday night, and she is an Auburn fan--but we will still have lots of fun!!! 

Mac is rocking it in school.  I'm very proud of him.  Loves driving his new truck.  I worry still, but I will forever do that anyway!!  So all is great with him.

I can't believe on Monday that I will be 45!! I still can't rap my mind around that.  I am for sure not a "mature" 45..  I still do crazy fun things and often wonder "what will I do when I grow up"?  What is wrong with that picture???  Oh well, I can't be anybody but myself...  Like it or move on... 

Mya starts her second class of Nosework in September.  This class will have outside searches.  She is going to love that..  Mac and I are very excited about that..   I will just be glad when it gets fall, walking weather again!!

Kinda sad that it's been a week since my last real post and this is all I got!!  My life is so exciting!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tomorrow----I Promise!!

Please don't give up on me!!  Catching up on everything tomorrow---I promise!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Party Day...

I'm looking forward to seeing Stephanie and meeting all her friends tonight.  Pure Romance makes meeting new friends so easy!!!

Big order going in...  Take a look at my site and see what you think  You can order directly from my site or you can call me at 205-283-1522 and I can place your order...
I'm booking for September now.  Let's have a Girls Night In!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I haven't done a TGIF post in a while....  So, smile everyone---it's Friday!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here I Am!!!

I'm back!!  I'm back!!  So sorry I left ya'll hangin for such a long time.  It's been a crazy busy week.  My baby finally came home!! Mac had the best time out in California visiting with his dad.  They went to so many different places and just had a fun filled month.  Now ask him if he is glad to be back on his computer---happy like a kid in a candy store!  And did I mention he now has his own vehicle?  Yep---he is driving his own ride.  Which opens up a whole NEW can of stress for me.  Lord, watch out for him PLEASE!!

I still can't believe summer is over and I will have a junior in high school starting Monday.  Where did the time go?  I just hope he has a good year with good grades to follow.  I wouldn't mind a date or two for him this year.  I don't want anything too "deep" just a sweet, good girl for him to go out to dinner with every now and then...  Casual, very casual with my baby...

I'm excited that I've kinda got a mini vacation planned.  Nothing big, just going to Tunica for the weekend to play the slots...  It's not until November, so it's a ways away.  But it's still nice to know I'm finally going somewhere.  We had thought about going to Vegas, but with it being the month before Christmas we opted for something closer and cheaper.  However, I hope we come back winners!!!

Well, that's all the catching up that I can think of right now.  Busy weekend coming too.  Matter of fact, the next three weekends are busy with Pure Romance parties...  A VERY GOOD thing.  I can already tell, my new "favorite thing" is the Chocolate Whipped...  OMG is it Heavenly!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thirty One Party Tonight!!!

Tonight is my first ever party at my house..  I love Thirty One Bags and Christy, my consultant is going to make it so much fun!!!

So I'm up and cleaning away!!!  Have a great weekend friends!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Confession Time..... Again..

It's time to confess again and put it all out there..  I haven't exercised since Mya got sick over a month ago!!  And the scale reflected it this morning!!   I've been telling myself for weeks that it's ok, I'm "maintaining"---well not anymore!!  Damn scale finally jumped THREE pounds!!  That was  truly a great way to start off day three of work...  When all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed and sleep til noon.  I think it may have brought on the Pop Tart I had for breakfast as well..  But I did do my Subway tuna salad for lunch, however, I know I'm getting a little "cracker" happy lately.  SO, I see the path of destruction---trust me.  I've also been having a little bit too much of the "juice" with the friends too.   Once again, I see ALL the wrong that I've been doing..  Mya is 100% better and screaming to get outside on our trails---but--I've just been a bum enjoying the nice comforts of my air conditioned house.  Well, no more!!  I'm getting back on track (for the billionth) time!   I even backed out of my Glow in the Park 5k because I was feeling so out of shape.  But I promise, when Run or Dye comes later this year---I AM doing that 5k!! 

So friends, feel free to slap me around for putting my health aside...  I promise I'm going to do better!!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Time For This!!!

Well August is here.  Going to be a very busy month for me.  Mac starts back to school---and driving there!  That will bring on a little bit of worry for sure.  This Friday I'm having a Thirty One Gifts party at my house---SO--that involves lots of cleaning on Thursday and Friday afternoon.  But I'm excited.  I love their bags and plan to grab a new lunch box and one of their cute little purses.  I even use them for my Pure Romance inventoy.  The large utility tote is AWESOME!!  I'll try and post a link to it from my home computer later. 

 I'm very excited that I've got three awesome Pure Romance parties this month!!  Make that FOUR---another one just comfirmed!!  Their World Conference is going on this week, which means NEW PRODUCTS!!  Can't wait to order the new catalogs...   So much fun at these parties I'm telling ya!!

The only crappy thing that seems to be creeping in is a damn chest cold!!  Can you please tell me where I have time for that this week??  But I sooooo feel it coming on.  All I want to eat is hot soup cause it feels so good on my throat.  Flashing sign right there... 

Well better get off this thing and do some work..  Hope everyone is doing awesome!!  By the way, Mac starts his journey back this Friday from California..  My "mommy break" is almost over....  But I'm ready to see my baby!!!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

TGIF!!! Finally Friday!!

Is everyone as ready for the weekend as I am??  Lawd, three twelve's in a row beat me down!!  Not to mention, summer is our busiest months so it is just CRAZY!!  But enough bitching about work, TGIF!!!

To recap the diet for the week---what diet??  I have not exercised since Mya got sick.  Eating wise, hasn't been horrible--but too much "ambian" eating for sure!  Got to cut that out!!  I've gained maybe a pound, so somehow I'm maintaining.  But I've got to get back into the groove of exercising again.  I just might have a new "dating" man...  So, got to get my sexy back!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Enjoy the Journey is my favorite saying right now....

Love Ya'll!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where Did Summer Go??

Can you believe school starts back in just nineteen days??  Summer flew by this year, exspecially with Mac out in California--it seemed to really go by fast.  I miss him so much but it has been a really nice "mommy break"!!  Can't wait to see how much my power bill has dropped with me turning everything off down stairs.  This picture is from my phone, but I love it...  

One very cool fact about August---we get three pay checks this month!!  Whoop!!  And as of right now, I have three Pure Romance parties as well!!  I love doing my parties, so much fun.  Wish I had started this business along time ago.  I really enjoy making the ladies laugh, but also educating them as well.  I got in my car decal yesterday.  Looking forward to putting that on this weekend..  Gotta advertise to get that business...

Got a big party Saturday night with my friends from my old subdivision.  I love getting together with them. This weekend is going to be alot of fun.... 

But we gotta get through today and tomorrow first---hope it goes by fast for us!!!