Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Friday and Game Weekend!!!

Hey!!!  Hey!!! Hey!!  I'm so sorry that I have been AMA for a while.  I have the cold/cough from Hell last week and most of this one.  Still trying to get back to 100%.  And through this, I had several Pure Romance parties, which is a good thing because sick or not---I LOVE doing my parties!!  But one of the BEST things that start back this weekend is ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!  Now, I have a party Saturday night, and she is an Auburn fan--but we will still have lots of fun!!! 

Mac is rocking it in school.  I'm very proud of him.  Loves driving his new truck.  I worry still, but I will forever do that anyway!!  So all is great with him.

I can't believe on Monday that I will be 45!! I still can't rap my mind around that.  I am for sure not a "mature" 45..  I still do crazy fun things and often wonder "what will I do when I grow up"?  What is wrong with that picture???  Oh well, I can't be anybody but myself...  Like it or move on... 

Mya starts her second class of Nosework in September.  This class will have outside searches.  She is going to love that..  Mac and I are very excited about that..   I will just be glad when it gets fall, walking weather again!!

Kinda sad that it's been a week since my last real post and this is all I got!!  My life is so exciting!!

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