Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Confession Time..... Again..

It's time to confess again and put it all out there..  I haven't exercised since Mya got sick over a month ago!!  And the scale reflected it this morning!!   I've been telling myself for weeks that it's ok, I'm "maintaining"---well not anymore!!  Damn scale finally jumped THREE pounds!!  That was  truly a great way to start off day three of work...  When all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed and sleep til noon.  I think it may have brought on the Pop Tart I had for breakfast as well..  But I did do my Subway tuna salad for lunch, however, I know I'm getting a little "cracker" happy lately.  SO, I see the path of destruction---trust me.  I've also been having a little bit too much of the "juice" with the friends too.   Once again, I see ALL the wrong that I've been doing..  Mya is 100% better and screaming to get outside on our trails---but--I've just been a bum enjoying the nice comforts of my air conditioned house.  Well, no more!!  I'm getting back on track (for the billionth) time!   I even backed out of my Glow in the Park 5k because I was feeling so out of shape.  But I promise, when Run or Dye comes later this year---I AM doing that 5k!! 

So friends, feel free to slap me around for putting my health aside...  I promise I'm going to do better!!


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