Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here I Am!!!

I'm back!!  I'm back!!  So sorry I left ya'll hangin for such a long time.  It's been a crazy busy week.  My baby finally came home!! Mac had the best time out in California visiting with his dad.  They went to so many different places and just had a fun filled month.  Now ask him if he is glad to be back on his computer---happy like a kid in a candy store!  And did I mention he now has his own vehicle?  Yep---he is driving his own ride.  Which opens up a whole NEW can of stress for me.  Lord, watch out for him PLEASE!!

I still can't believe summer is over and I will have a junior in high school starting Monday.  Where did the time go?  I just hope he has a good year with good grades to follow.  I wouldn't mind a date or two for him this year.  I don't want anything too "deep" just a sweet, good girl for him to go out to dinner with every now and then...  Casual, very casual with my baby...

I'm excited that I've kinda got a mini vacation planned.  Nothing big, just going to Tunica for the weekend to play the slots...  It's not until November, so it's a ways away.  But it's still nice to know I'm finally going somewhere.  We had thought about going to Vegas, but with it being the month before Christmas we opted for something closer and cheaper.  However, I hope we come back winners!!!

Well, that's all the catching up that I can think of right now.  Busy weekend coming too.  Matter of fact, the next three weekends are busy with Pure Romance parties...  A VERY GOOD thing.  I can already tell, my new "favorite thing" is the Chocolate Whipped...  OMG is it Heavenly!!!

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