Saturday, August 23, 2014

Twitter Friends....

I hope ya'll are off to a great day!!  Just wanted to let you know that you can follow me on twitter @MerlotChic2.  I tend to post a little more "open" on there than I do on Facebook..  I think it's the freedom of not "knowing" most all of your followers..  

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Website Wednesday!!!

I think I'll let Wednesday's be all about cool website I or my friends find---and that I love!!  A friend of mine on Facebook turned me on to this one and when I get some extra cash, I've got to have one!!  The website is called Alex and Ani and they have the coolest bracelet's and other stuff.  I love love love the peace symbol and anything motivational, this site has alot of that.   My friend said you can also find them at Wrapsody at Patton Creek, for those friends in the Birmingham area.

So check them out online and see what they are all about.  Just click on the name and you are there!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Need a Good Read??

One thing that I haven't been doing enough is reading.  Kind of got a way from it while I was studying for my licensing exam for my job.  But 'm back and reading some awesome books.  And they are actual books--lol!!   I've asked for the latest Kindle for my birthday (another hint)...
     The book I'm reading now is really good.  It's call the The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler.  It's about the Secret Service that served with the President, their families and other members of the cabinet.  Not just current but past ones too.  It's really interesting.  Let's you know they are normal and crazy too!!  And a little freaky at times!
     The book has had mixed reviews, obviously.  From statements released saying it is complete nonsense, to doubting where the information came from.  I, however, have found it very interesting and am about half way through with it..

Click on the title above and check it out for yourself...


Monday, August 18, 2014

Motivational Monday!!

Day 1 of my exercise and weight loss journey.   I'm changing my thought process and all it contains is I CAN AND I WILL!!  I know so much of the way I have been thinking is the reason I have been failing.  I let one little set back or some emotional drama come between me and my goals.  But, motivation has returned and this is a woman on a mission!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Little Update on EVERYTHING!!

Happy Sunday friends!!  I have missed this.  Just let life and or laziness get a hold of me and I have neglected my awesome internet family.  So, I'm back---where to start..  Let's do health first..  Simply put, it's gone to pot.  And quick!!
     I'm currently sitting here typing this with ice on my knee because I have a torn meniscus in my right knee.  It has been hurting me for a while so I finally broke down and went to the orthopedist and found out what in the world was going on.  I'm glad to finally know, but to also know I pretty much brought this on myself---sucks.  And how did I do that---by gaining weight.   I haven't gained much, but this legs aren't getting any younger and just 10 pounds of weight is like 80 pounds on your knees.  So, I've got to get at least 25 pounds off to really make my knees happy..  I knew this and the doctor said so as well, but I had to pay a co-pay to here him say it..
     So, since walking is out now, my choices are a stationary bike or water aerobics.  Mac said he liked the bike so he is going to start going with me to the gym and ride.  I'm excited about that.  And we're starting tomorrow!  I've iced it and medicated it all weekend so now it's time to get moving and get the weight off.  Going to add in some time with the trainer we've been using as well for some other  work out ideas.
     I can do this, and really have no other choice.  My blood sugar also took a nose dive and is all out of whack---so no more excuses or laziness.  My health comes first from now on...   Keep me in your prayers and feel free to shoot me some motivation from time to time!!  And I promise not to stay away as long in the future.
Who know's maybe I will do a before and after picture!!