Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Need a Good Read??

One thing that I haven't been doing enough is reading.  Kind of got a way from it while I was studying for my licensing exam for my job.  But 'm back and reading some awesome books.  And they are actual books--lol!!   I've asked for the latest Kindle for my birthday (another hint)...
     The book I'm reading now is really good.  It's call the The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler.  It's about the Secret Service that served with the President, their families and other members of the cabinet.  Not just current but past ones too.  It's really interesting.  Let's you know they are normal and crazy too!!  And a little freaky at times!
     The book has had mixed reviews, obviously.  From statements released saying it is complete nonsense, to doubting where the information came from.  I, however, have found it very interesting and am about half way through with it..

Click on the title above and check it out for yourself...


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