Friday, November 29, 2013


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I spent it with my work family, but we had a very tasty meal and a good day...  Now I just have to get through the remaining three days of work.  This girl hasn't worked four in a row in year'S!!  But it's all for the greater good---MONEY!!  

I do have to share a great book I'm reading...  Have ya'll seen the Bridget Jones movies?  Love them...  Well, the third book will not let you down either.  I'm almost half way through it and it's awesome!
I'll give a better review when I finish it.  I can't provide a link because of the computer I'm on...  But just go to Amazon and you will find it in a snap...

I've also got to share the wonderful news of my newest addition...  I turned off the iPhone and upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!!  I'm a Droid!!  But I do have to tell you that I LOVE it!!  It's like having a tablet and a phone all in one!  Now, there is alot for me to learn, but I'll get it..  The only challenge is my "Apple" friends have to send me text twice for now since their phones are used to us imessaging.  It's a little hiccup---have patience and our phones will learn to like each other!!  Here's a picture---but mine white!!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgivings!!   I'm spending it with my work family---but trust me, these ladies know how to cook!!!  And strawberry cake from Edgers!!!  I will be doing some serious cardio for that one!!!  But it was sooooo good!!

Be safe if you are traveling and gratful for all our blessings...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 3 Update...

Can I say that I wish I had joined Gold's along time ago!!  I am loving it!!  My personal trainer, Barbara is awesome.  We will gel well together.  So I met with her on Monday---my cardio was the rowing machine.  Love that machine...  Plus it's nice to do something that I've never done.  After that we did weights and more rowing to end the workout.  Yesterday I was on my own and did the same thing but increased my rowing and ended it with treadmill.  On some of the weights I increased the weight so I'm alittle sore today.  But sore is good.  I like to feel that I have worked out..  Since I started back to work today, I took it off as my off day.  However, I'm going to set that alarm to get up and do my treadmill before work tomorrow...  I know, it PAINS me to get up that early---but I've just got to do it since I'm working so much and can only get to the gym on my off days..  Which aren't many til after Christmas.  But I'm really excited that Mac is also working out with me when our schedules allow it...      Anyhoo...

My party went great this weekend.  Booked two more parties from that one...  Love my Pure Romance ladies..  So much fun...

Other than that, life is just moving along..  I'm focusing on me for a while.  Taking a break from the dating scene to work on me.  When I step back into it, I want to be in a better place.   Have my mind right in all aspects...  For now it's all about feeling good and motivating myself to do good!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Week New Me!!!

Well I'm excited to say tomorrow starts the "new me" process!!!  Because, Mac and I joined Gold's Gym!!  I bought us some personal trainer sessions to really help us acclimate to the gym.  I'm very excited.  I've got to get back in the groove and I think having to actually leave the house---will do us both some good.    I'm even watching The Biggest Loser to get even more motivated!  But in all seriousness, I know my sugar is out of whack, so I GOT to get my crap together.  And it starts tomorrow!!

Also wanted to share that I had a GREAT Pure Romance party this weekend.  Met some AWESOME And booked two parties in December.  I love love love my part time job!!  It's not even a job!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today's game will be a GOOD one!!!  Finally!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013


Let's get through the day and to the weekend!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Remember This??

I just wanted to share some pictures of my sweet baby girl.  She walked in the Helena Christmas Parade last year, barely 5 months old.  Reed Gardner was the Pelham Panther beside Mya and his mom Rachel, and I also walked with Mya.  So much fun.  If she doesn't get asked to walk again in the parade, we are still going to show our support for our Helena Huskies!!!

 Mya was sooo excited!!

A year later...  

Love my Sweet Girl Mya....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dieting and Dating---Both are HELL!!!

Dieting---I've swear to you, I think I've been on a diet for twenty plus years.  And yes, progress has been made, however, with age, it has slowed down alot.  I do very well on the eating side most of the time.  Now sometimes when I take my Ambian---I wake up the next morning only to find that I've had a "few snacks" before I actually  went to bed.  That can range from some chips and salsa, to Progresso Soup!!  I'm really working on this issue.  One, I don't by the chips anymore.  Wine also doesn't help.  And I love love my Merlot!!  I'm just not a "one glass" kinda of girl though and that is just liquid calories so working against me...  SO, I finished off the wine last night, wasn't much left, but it's gone.  I do have a few Limarita's left, but I'm not buying any more!!  Giving up my precious "mommy juice" will be hard---but I can do it!!  I want to lose the ten pounds that has crept on since I got lazy after Mya got sick.  I was still lazy these last past two off days, but I did get the "healthy food" all lined up and planned.  Now, I just got to get back on track with the exercise.  Damn why is that one the hardest thing to do?  I can "visualize" myself doing it---so whats the problem?? 
Now all of this also blends in with the not so awesome dating life that I 've been having.  Here is my question---WHY is it so hard to find a guy who wants to 1) be monogamist---by that, I don't want him sleeping with 5 other women while he is dating me.  Hello!!!  I'm too old to have to face my doctor with an itchy coochy.  2).  Enjoy texting and some talking on the phone---not crazy amounts, just enough to keep the fun going..  3)When it's time to do the meet/greet---it will not be in your bedroom!!  And I'm not going to continue to text you forever.  I'm not getting any younger and the sooner we decide if getting to know each other is on the table--the better off we both are.  No point in wasting each other's time. 4).  I want this guy to be able to hang with my friends or take me out for dinner or even better FIX me dinner...  It's the "little" things that will go along way with me...  Well, there is one thing that can't be little.  Y'all know I'm right.  I'm not looking for "Tommy Lee"---but I want a healthy man with a HEALTHY appetite!!   There are other qualitites, but those basic ones, have been the hardest to find.  I've been doing the "online" dating, I think there lies part of the problem.  But my resources are limited with the schedule I work.  It's not your normal 8-5 hours and some just don't get it.  I do know this, it will happen eventually, when I'm not looking for it and that is just fine with me.  I open and then hide my profile and that's fine too.  Someday's I'm ok with dealing with the "crazies" and other day's, not so much.  However, I have met a few friends along the way too  That's a good thing... 

So wish me luck, say a prayer, cast a spell---cause it's for sure a jungle out here!!!