Friday, November 29, 2013


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I spent it with my work family, but we had a very tasty meal and a good day...  Now I just have to get through the remaining three days of work.  This girl hasn't worked four in a row in year'S!!  But it's all for the greater good---MONEY!!  

I do have to share a great book I'm reading...  Have ya'll seen the Bridget Jones movies?  Love them...  Well, the third book will not let you down either.  I'm almost half way through it and it's awesome!
I'll give a better review when I finish it.  I can't provide a link because of the computer I'm on...  But just go to Amazon and you will find it in a snap...

I've also got to share the wonderful news of my newest addition...  I turned off the iPhone and upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!!  I'm a Droid!!  But I do have to tell you that I LOVE it!!  It's like having a tablet and a phone all in one!  Now, there is alot for me to learn, but I'll get it..  The only challenge is my "Apple" friends have to send me text twice for now since their phones are used to us imessaging.  It's a little hiccup---have patience and our phones will learn to like each other!!  Here's a picture---but mine white!!


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  1. I've had the S4 for months now and I still have no idea how to use it. LOL Happy Thanksgiving.