Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Time For This!!!

Well August is here.  Going to be a very busy month for me.  Mac starts back to school---and driving there!  That will bring on a little bit of worry for sure.  This Friday I'm having a Thirty One Gifts party at my house---SO--that involves lots of cleaning on Thursday and Friday afternoon.  But I'm excited.  I love their bags and plan to grab a new lunch box and one of their cute little purses.  I even use them for my Pure Romance inventoy.  The large utility tote is AWESOME!!  I'll try and post a link to it from my home computer later. 

 I'm very excited that I've got three awesome Pure Romance parties this month!!  Make that FOUR---another one just comfirmed!!  Their World Conference is going on this week, which means NEW PRODUCTS!!  Can't wait to order the new catalogs...   So much fun at these parties I'm telling ya!!

The only crappy thing that seems to be creeping in is a damn chest cold!!  Can you please tell me where I have time for that this week??  But I sooooo feel it coming on.  All I want to eat is hot soup cause it feels so good on my throat.  Flashing sign right there... 

Well better get off this thing and do some work..  Hope everyone is doing awesome!!  By the way, Mac starts his journey back this Friday from California..  My "mommy break" is almost over....  But I'm ready to see my baby!!!



  1. Sorry to hear about your cold, it always seems to happen at the worst times. Feel better soon!