Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Favorite Things....

I just love finding new favorite things.  Two reasons, first is that it means that I branched out and tried something new!  Secondly---it means that if it's a "favorite thing" it is REALLY good!!  I'm in love with all things coconut right now and this thing is like a mound candy bar..  Awesome I'm telling ya!  It's got 190 calories and 9 grams of protein.  I don't think that's too bad.  The other day I had this and my favorite veggie right now, cucumber, and called it dinner.  I think Publix, our local grocery store, probably calls me "the cucumber lady" behind my back.  And yes, we could have so much fun with that--but this blog is PG--for today atleast...

My second favorite thing is Oikos Greek Yogurt Pomegranate.  I didn't try greek yogurt until this past year, but now I don't think I have bought regular yogurt since.  I also love this brand in blueberry.  This is normally my 4pm snack and then I try to dinner around 6:30ish to 7pm at the latest.  I find that I do better if I try to eat atleast every four hours.  Oranges and apples are also very good right now.  I try to have one of each everyday.  But the orange for sure...  I love sweet ones.  Back to the yogurt, TRY THIS!!  I promise you will like it.

What is your "favorite thing?"  I've learned in order to stick to my diet, I've got to branch out..  Variety is the key!!!

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