Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting In Weekend Mode....

Is anybody besides me ready for the week to be over?  It has been a week of craziness for me and I could call it done!!  I'm ready for my four days off!
Funny story to share with you...  I'm at Publix (our local grocery store) and am about to load my groceries when I go to unlock my car and notice the remote is broken in half.  And I mean no way of working.  Now I have had this SUV since 2003 and never had to replace the keyless remote thing.  So when I notice this, the first thing that flies out of my mouth is, "OMG---how am I going to get into the car?"  Well the very nice lady beside me, after she tries to contain her laughter, tells me to use the key.  Now do I need to point out how crazy stupid I felt at that moment?  Well, after THAT moment, I then busted out into laughing as did the nice lady.  We could have rolled on the floor...  Needless to say, the key works....  And my sweet friend Adam has ordered me not one but two remotes.  So I should be up and totally running by the end of next week!!

Have you had a funny "blond" moment lately??

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