Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm Back....

Hey friends, sorry for the absence.  My schedule went all over the place and I just didn't have the energy to blog..  Isn't that pitiful...  But I'm back now so lets catch up!!

We will start with weight---gotta get a grip on that!!  I've gained 8 pounds!  There, I put it out into the internet world.  Now I can begin to fix it..  I did walk Mya for about a mile the other night.  However, I didn't use her gentle collar so she "pulled" me through the neighborhood.  That won't be happening again.  Made my elbow and shoulder so sore last night.  I love walking with her, but sometimes I think I let how she is going to act detour me from walking.  I've either got to show her I'm the boss and make her do right with the right collar, or not take her for my "workout" walks.  I can't keep finding an excuse to not workout.  So, you know how everybody starts over on Monday's---well so will I.  I'm off for the three days so that's three days that I CAN work out.  Rain or shine. 
I also bought less "junk" at the grocery store yesterday.  Chips are my weakness.  I can eat them like crazy!  And I have been.  So, I bought more healthy stuff and less chips.  I love my cucumbers and peppers---that's my snack today.  A friend of mine even turned me onto these organic little tomatoes---and I have never eaten tomatoes right out of the bag. However, these things are the BOMB!!  So hear I come healthy!!!   I bought this Halloween costume off Zulily for $12.99---and it's so cute and sexy!!  But I just have to work my booty off or wear something else.  And I don't want to waste my money on anything else--besides I have the cutest 4 inch red sequined heals!!!

I hope Mac is having an swesome day.  My brother took him and the girls to the Alabama game.  It's homecoming so they will have a blast!!   
My beautful neices, Ella and Reese...  And my cutie Mac in the middle!!!

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