Friday, October 11, 2013


ThtheI can finally say that I'm feeling a lot better..  Can you believe I've had another cold/sinus infection??  I swear I have been sick for 2 months!!  But I bought me 500 milligrams of vitamin C to start taking today..  Hopefully it will build up my immune system!  I refuse to be sick anymore!!
Well after 6 years, my Vera Bradley work bag has died..  R.I.P. my sweet bag..  But, happily, I have found a replacement for you on EBay...  Don't ya think my new pattern is pretty??  It's called Ribbons--and a portion of the sale went to breast cancer research..  
Just love it...  Tote and the turn lock wallet..  


Very pleased...

I'm also thinking of selling my IPad on eBay..  It's the first generation..  But something for it is better than nothing!!
I just love eBay.  Can you tell??

Some more exciting news---Mac got a job!!  He is going to be a Manny!!  He will be taking care of our friends triplets and 10 year old son after school..  No nights, no weekends or holidays...  He lucked up!!  Plus, they are very dear friends of ours...  Makes it even better for him!!

Well I think I have updated y'all on all the happenings..  Going to celebrate a friends birthday tomorrow night and watch some ALABAMA FOOTBALL...  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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