Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Week---Really??

Seriously, I haven't blogged in a week?  I've got to get better.  There is no excuse when I can do it from my phone now!!  LAWD!!
Ok, well lets get cought up... 

I'm very, very---let me say this again, VERY proud of myself.  This past Sunday I worked and we were extremely slow.  So I do what I love to do, jumped on Ebay and started looking around.  Not only did I come across once pair of boots, I found TWO!!!  I stared at those shoes for hours.  "Get them"  "Click Buy Now," "Watch This Item"---the pressure was painful!! 

See aren't these gorgous!!!  It was so hard to not click that button!!  But I didn't.. I would have called it "Christmas" but there is something I want that trumps the boots...
I'm finally going to upgrade my iPad..  Setting my sights on the iPad Air.  My iPad has never been upgraded and it has gotten really slow...  It's the first generation-- so it's time and I would rather it be my Christmas cause it will be used daily for a long time to come..

Mac's Christmas list---all for his truck..  He is working to help go towards it---but Lawd is it painful to think about howuch..  However, he is doing awesome in school so  fine with some OT for my baby!!!

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