Friday, October 25, 2013

Raise Your Hands---It's Friday!!!

OMG--can I tell you how excited I am that it is Friday!!  The thought of knowing that I can sleep in tomorrow is almost orgasmic!  I did finally get to sleep through the night last night, but I had to cave in and let Mya sleep in the bed with me to get that solid sleep.  But I think once we both got situated, neither one of us even turned over!  I was so tired! 
Tonight I'm "planning" to go to bed as soon as I can---I want to sleep late and be very rested for this party that I'm going to on Saturday.  It's going to be crazy crazy fun.  Guess what I'm going as??  A Black Widow--you know the kind of spider that eats her mat after she is finished with them...  LOL!!  I have very cool spider jewelry and I'm going to put little spiders throughout my hair.  Oh and did I mention some killer 4-5 inch steletto's..  So cute!!!  I'm sure I will have a crazy picture or two to post... 

Other than the party, it's going to be a pretty low key weekend.  Saving as much money as I can for our Christmas stuff. 
Anybody else going to a Halloween party this weekend??

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  1. Can't wait to see your costume :) hope you have fun!