Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finally Getting Better!!

Have I mentioned that I have had two colds/sinus infections in two months..  I feel like I have been sick forever!  However, I finally feel like I'm getting back to normal.  Either way, I refuse to be sick any longer.  My favorite time of the year is approaching---I love winter clothes!!  And boots!!  So, I'm planning on getting this ass up this week and working it out!!  Excuses no more.  I hope to take Mya with me, but sometimes she holds me back---her leash walking isn't the greatest.  She's only a year old---lots of "let's chase the squirrel" moments still in her.  So, I'm going to put my music in and get moving... 
For the Halloween party I've decided to go as a "Black Widow"....  Or, you can call it "Ho Tara"---either way, I'm wearing some killer red stiletto's with an awesome top and leggings.  The party is at Lisa and Tony's house and I want to be very comfortable---I'm pretty sure I might be having a drink or two or five.. 
I'm sure crazy pictures will follow....

Today starts Mac's first job as a "Manny" to our friends Sara and Vance.  He will be keeping their  5 year old triplets and their 10 year old son too.  It's a great job---no weekends, late nights or even holidays....  My little baby is keeping babies!!!

That's all I've got today...  Hope things are going good for ya'll!!! 

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