Friday, May 31, 2013

So Excited!!!

I'm so excited to say that I'm going to do my first 5k in July!!  Run or Dye was going to be my first in November--but this one looks like so much fun.  I just couldn't wait!!  It's called Glow in the Park and its in Hoover--a night race!!  With an after party!!  It fell on my weekend to work, however, one of my beautiful coworkers said he would work for me!!  I'm so excited!!  Now I just have to find someone to do it with me.  But there again, have we ever known me to be shy??  I'm doing this for myself---so I will be fine either way....

The web site has alot of cool pictures that really shows you how much fun it is!!  Anybody want to do it with me??  The cost is $40 through June 15, then it goes to to $45 through July 15 and $50 if you register the day of the race... 

I  have a little over a month to train for this and plan to work so hard for it...  I've only ran on my treadmill and the trails at the park.  I'm more of a walk/jog kinda of girl since the "girls" are so big...  But I've got some great support for them now and I'm about to put it to the test!! 

So excited!!!

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