Sunday, May 5, 2013

Passing Thought...

Since I had to work all weekend, I'm counting my evening at Margarita Grill last week as my "Happy Cinco de Mayo" celebration...  Hope ya'll had a happy one!!

I've already prepared myself for the busy week ahead.  Mya starts her second round of obedience classes tomorrow.  Leah may be disappointed that we haven't had much practice time.  Between work and baseball---we didn't get to practice much of her outside leash exercises.   Not to mention our weather has been straight up "Alabama".  Nice and spring like one moment, then frost warnings out the next.  Going to get a walk in tomorrow with her so she isn't so hyper and unfocused like she was the last session.  Oh and did I mention, the shedding seems to be at an all time high.  Holy hair I knew it was bad---but it is everywhere.  I think I vacuum and dust several times a day!!

Keep your fingers crossed, Mac's baseball team is #1 right now in our tournament.  These boys are playing so good.  But they should, they have only played together since they were toddlers..  Way to go Purple Cobra's!!


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