Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awesome Off Days....

I have to confess, I had a wonderful four days off.  But I was so bad with my exercising!!!  I was always going and going!  So, atleast I wasn't sitting on my buns.  And I did cut the front and the back yard the other day with a PUSH lawn mower---now that is exercise!!  Mya also got some serious play time out of it! 

I'm so excited that our K9 Nosework classes start this Saturday.  It's going to be so much fun.  Really excited that it's something Mac and I can do together.  My little man is growing up so fast.  He will be a junior in high school next year!  Wow!

In between work, Mya and summer break---I've started writing again.  I truly think this dating journey that I'm on can be very comical!!  It's a crazy mess out there!  But most of all, I just think times have changed and I have to catch up.   Obviously, names will be changed.  I want to write it somewhat along the lines of how Carrie wrote her articles on Sex in The City.   Maybe each guy gets his own chapter or if its really bad---a short paragraph.  Chances are no one will see it anyways---writing is a way for me to relax and vent. 

Above all I really need to get back to my work outs.  I've slipped off of that in the past two weeks.  Got to bring the focus back on me, health wise.  And I can do it, just have to step away from all my other drama.  So bring on the sweat!!!!

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