Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's My FRIDAY!!!

Can you hear the angels singing???

I'm one tired chic!!  But I made it---overtime will be SWEET come payday!!  Now I just need to get through today and I see some serious pool time in my future...    My sweet Mac has been wonderful this week helping out around the house and doing his chores. 

On the weight loss home front, I've maintained the four pounds that I gained earlier this week.  My goal for tomorrow is to sleep in, obviously, then go walk/run three miles at the park.  I need to set my base time so I know where I stand as far as my pace and time per mile.  After that, it is pool time!!  Well, there is going to be alot of pool time..  Hell, with house work---I'm sure we will have a rainy day somewhere in my five days off that I can do it! 
So if I miss a few days posting, just know that I'm catching up on some MUCH needed rest!!!
My next post should come via pool side!!!

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