Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Do This!!!

Here we go again, three more twelve hour shifts and then this chic is off for five whole days!!  My first summer stretch!  So excited!  I'm going to go get Mya a plastic pool so she can enjoy the backyard a little better since it is going to heat up quick here in Alabama.  Plus, I sometimes like just laying in my back yard enjoying my windchimes and the sun.  No need to go anywhere.  But first, gotta get through these next three shifts!

I haven't talked much about the weight loss lately because I've basically just maintained where I'm at.  Which is good, but I'm ready to move on from that number now.  So Friday starts a whole new plan.  Which no longer will include the red juice of the gods (crazy to start that on a Friday isn't it?).  I have exactly 171 days until my Run or Dye 5k so still a good ways away, but I think I would like to do one before that just to see how I do.  Sorta break the ice kind of thing. 

With all the wonderful blogs I've found about weight loss and working out and how motivated each and everyone of them are---it's time for me to be that person as well.  I was earlier this year for the first 18 pounds, then I got comfortable for a bit and slacked off.  No more slacking.  I'm going to put together a workout plan for each day or something to that effect.  Outside of the wine, food wise, I'm doing good still.  The best thing that helps me in that area is that I just don't buy the "junk" anymore.  And if it is not in the house, then I can't eat it.  Plus, I love grilling out in the summer time---which makes for a lot of healthy meals.  So, it just comes down to me getting off my "assets" and working out. 

That being said, bare with me on the motivational quotes and what not---things like that DO work for me so I may try and post one with each post.  To find that "special" one, I have to read several pages worth--by then, the motivation has kicked in!!  I'm not going to give myself a double digit number of pounds to lose, but take it in 5 pound increments.  5 sounds very do-able.  Not overwelming.  Wish me luck!

So, here we go---lets get these work days done and start enjoying the summer!

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