Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 3---Feeling Great....

Today marks day 3 of me revamping my diet plan and I'm felling great!  I think I was at a platuea of sorts with exercise and motivation.  So I had to change things up a bit.  I did some walking/jogging serveral days, felt great to get outside and get moving.  Exspecially after such a crazy work schedule the past two weeks. 

However, with the added running comes the dreaded runner's toe that I had last year too.  Poor little toes, just the one's next to my big toe---but the nail on each of them start turning blueish and will eventually fall off.  Hate that since it's summer and time for pretty feet!!  I did go get "fitted"  for some new shoes that will hopefully help my little toes...   Putting lots of hope that these new babies help them out!!

                                                          Women's Adrenaline GTS 13  

As of today, there are 50 days until the Glow in the Park in Hoover on July 26...   May end up doing it as a group too, which will make it even more fun... 

This week I'm going to weigh in on Friday so I can give the "revamping" time to kick in...  Is that cheating alittle???


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