Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm Back!! Busy Off Days!!!

Hey friends..  So sorry I didn't post while I was off.  I was so busy--like something to do every day busy.  But I'm back and able to post!  Mya is doing much much better.  She actually jumped on my bed for the first time yesterday.  So that tells me she is doing much better.  She also started waking up at 4am again---Another dreaded sign that she is on the mend!  And of course, she did it this morning since I had to work.  Glad she is better, not happy with her waking me up...

One thing I'm excited to announce is that I started a new business venture.  It will launch in July and I'm so excited about it.  So be on the look out for links to my site that will let you place orders and view my weekly specials.   I would love love  love to come do a party for you and your girlfriends...  I promise it will be a blast!!

                                                                     Coming in July!!!

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