Monday, June 17, 2013

39 Days til Glow in the Park

Well my visions of having a fun little group have died off.  I do believe it will be just me going and you know what---I'm fine with that.   I have never in my life had a problem talking to a stranger, and I seriously doubt things will change anytime soon.  I'm doing this for myself, getting healthier and happier with the "divorced" me...  I had no problems hopping on a plane to Montana by myself ----so running in the dark while someone throws paint on me surely can't be all that stressful.  39 days---I can do this...

That being said, I really need to step up my game.  I know there is no way I can run the entire thing.  It will be more like my C25K training.  Some running, some jogging and more walking.  I really wish Mya could do it with me.   She makes me walk faster.  And when we are running, she will look back at me and I swear she is telling me "just a little further, than you can stop."   Since it's so hot for her, I'm only going to walk her once with me and then use my "walking music" for my second walk. 

I also think it will help me to vary where I'm walking.  I love love love walking the Hillsboro Trail beside my house---it's almost totally shaded.  But has very little, if any, hills--they are short, small ones.  So I think this afternoon I'm going to walk one of the connecting road by my house.  Hills are steaper and it will be a change.  Just hate that cars are going to be passing me thinking I'm on death's door!  Cause I poor sweat like a crazy person!  Must wear a damn good sports bra!!  Lol.  Along with my hat and shades!

Happy Monday friends... 

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