Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tired Girl From Training...

     Mya had her third training session yesterday.  She did very well with her new task!!  This week we are teaching her to wait until her leash is on and I give the command for her to come out of her crate.  It took Leah a few tries, but she caught on and was ready to learn.  After Leah, I worked with her on it.  Let me tell you, trying to remember the "order" of what to say so Mya doesn't get confused---makes you really have to think!!  So we are truly both getting a "mind" work out!  Mac even made fun of me a little, until he had to try it.  Then he stopped teasing me..
     After that task we worked on some lease training and getting her to sit and not jump with approaching people.  I think this task will really help us in our outdoor walking.  I can't wait until my vacation next week so I can really work with her.
     I'm really excited about an upcoming event that our trainer, Leah is hosting.  It's called the Official  NACSW K9 Nose Work NW2 & NW1 Trails.   Leah, who is a certified K9 Nose Work Instructor needed volunteers, so I signed Mac and myself up!  It is going to be so cool seeing these dogs at work!  It's a class---down the road maybe for Mya.  So it should be interesting...

And on a final note----two shifts left until VACATION!!!!

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