Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cool Work Out Apps....

In my MASSIVE search to stay motivated and to continue losing weight, I downloaded two apps that, so far, I'm liking.  The first is the DailyMile.  It is lets me post how many miles I walk during my workout.  I like it--plus, it lets me post to my blog site, which will also motivate me to increase the number---I hope.  I have really been struggling with motivation lately.  I hope I'm getting back on track.  I've found several really good blogs that I have started following---also great motivation!!

The other app that I used yesterday for the first time was RunKeeper.  I tracked my "lunch" walk through the hospital and it seemed to do really good.  I think I'll like this one because I can just slide my phone on my arm band and not worry about it.  This will be REALLY good when walking Mya.   If I didn't have pockets, I normally didn't take my phone with me.  Now, I can track everything--pace, distance, calories burned.. It's very cool.  I thought it was just for runners....  But now I have even more motivation to keep moving!!!


  1. Those are both great apps. I've used them! Good luck with your c25k!

  2. I just downloaded "Swork It" Pro (it's free today, PS). Apparently, it gives you random strength training or cardio or yoga workouts that you can do almost anywhere. You tell it what you want to do, how much time you want to spend, and Boom! It gives you a workout.

    Still figuring it out, but I thought I would share!

    Good luck with the C25K! You can do it!