Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update to the Spring Break/Vacation "To Do" List..

Ok, during the initial week, this was all that I got done.  I know, pretty sad.  BUT---there are reasons..

Mac just wanted to hibernate in his room..   Tags, well, they have to wait until payday.  I gave up WW for My Fitness Pal and the FitBit One and am loving both of them.  No fees and I haven't found an item yet that is not in My Fitness Pal's food list.  Didn't "spring clean"---but I did clean--so I'm good with that for now.  Blogging, no excuse---sorry.  My parents ended up taking me and Mac to dinner---so even better!!   I DID read alot of my magazines--and tossed several too.  But atleast now you can actually SEE my kitchen table.  I have a "stacking" problem--there, I confessed that.

Overall, not too bad.  Now this weeks goal is to get up and on that treadmill on my work days.  Yes, that is at 4:40am--I just keep telling myself  "how bad do you want healthy and skinny??"  And I have moved my alarm clock across the room...  Wish me luck....

1.  Take Mya to vet for follow up to surgery.
2.  GROCERIES---big MUST and soon.
3.  Nails---they are starting to look a little, well we won't say... (I'm thinking Saturday)
4.  Start, again, Couch to 5k--TOMORROW
5.  Take Mac to movie
7.  Major training with Mya
8.  New lotto ticket (can't win if you don't play)!!
9.  Finally attend a Weight Watchers meeting---been way too long!  Have to get scale moving again!!
10. Spring Cleaning!!  And that means even the baseboards!!
11. BLOG daily so I'm accountable for all of this.
12. Take mom to lunch--been too long for that as well!!
13. READ all the health magazines I have bought over the past month!!
14. Meet my FitBit goals!!
15. Track EVERYTHING in My Fitness Pal!!!!

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  1. enjoyed your post(s)!!! always looking for inspiration about losing weight and healthier food!