Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vacations Are Too FAST!!!

I blinked and it was over!!  Why is that you can go TO work and it seems to last an eternity , but go on vacation and it's over in the blink of an eye!  So NOT fair....  Oh well...

Mac and I did have a very nice week of relaxing and playing with Mya.  I think I did more work with her than he did.  He stayed in his room playing his computer games.  I even offered up a movie and he passed on that.  He said he just wanted to watch his basketball (yuck) and do "his thing".  So I let him.  However, the one good thing about Spring Break being over tomorrow is that the school can feed him atleast one meal!  That child has ate the house this week!!  LAWD!!

Funny story, last night after work Mac text me and asked if I would go by and get him some cheese dip from his favorite Mexican restaurant.  I told him I was crazy tired, as it was my first day back to work and just wanted to come home.  I asked him if he would just go get it when I got home---his reasoning for not wanting to go was that the little lady that works there would probably recognize him and think that cheese dip was all he ever ate!!  Seriously!  He doesn't have a problem with Zaxby's people thinking about how often he eats there...  Crazy teenager..

Flipping back over to our vacation week, I'm sure going to miss getting up at my "own" time, having a quick breakfast then working out, say around 11am.  That was so nice.  Much better than 4:40am like I have to do when I'm working.  But in so many of the blogs I read and follow, I'm not alone crawling out of bed to strive for that ultimate weight loss goal.  The reward will be far greater in the long run.  So my goal for this week, suck it up and get on that treadmill!!

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