Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's My Friday!!

Can I get a HOLLA!!!  I thought this day would never come!  This overtime every week is kicking my booty.  But, I'm just trying to look at it as it makes my off days that much more enjoyable---after I catch up on my sleep.  And that won't be until Sunday for this week.  Busy Friday and Saturday---Nose Work Trials.  Can't wait to eventually do that with Mya.  The only down side to tomorrow is I have to go get car tags.  Can we say, last day of the month---YUCK!!!  However, after that its on to help out with the doggies..

On the diet front, I did great watching, but not logging in my food.  I do much better with that when I'm not working.  My weakest moments have been around 9:30ish, right before I go to bed.  Those damn jalapeno pretzels start calling my name!!  Water intake has been aswesome because I've been at work.  I still do good at home, just not as good.  I use the Walmart brand Blueberry Acai drink mix which has a little "energy" kick to it.  It is so GOOD!!!  I'm just wondering if there is a limit to how many you can have in a day.  I think I normally have three.

My goals for exercise however, were not met.  I can make excuse after excuse---but I just did not drag my butt out of that warm bed to work out before work at all this week.  Part of me is very disappointed in myself, but the other half keeps reminding me how busy I have been this week.  Two late, very cold baseball games and 4 twelve hour work days.  Plus training with Mya when I got home from work and making sure Mac did his chores and homework.  Either way, I dropped the ball when it came time to take care of myself.  An excuse is just that, an excuse.  So, I have to ask myself, again this week, how bad do I want it and what am I going to do to reach my goals?  Mac can't stand the treadmill downstairs, he says it wakes him up in the mornings.  So guess what we are going to do??  We are going to move that baby into my bedroom!!  Now, it's the largest treadmill I've ever had so I'm not sure how I'm going to like it in my bedroom.  However, it's not like there is a man sleeping on that side of the bed anyways!!  Either way, it's moving upstairs and my new goal is to get my "assets" out of the bed and on it!!  I'll let you know how THAT goes next week!!

Does anybody else struggle with their morning workouts?  Any helpful suggestions??

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