Thursday, September 26, 2013

Streak Was Short....

Well my first "streak" was very short.  Like one day..  Mac lost his car keys on Tuesday and after totally tearing the the house apart, with no keys found---we came to the conclusion that they HAD to be in the truck.   So, I broke down and called a locksmith.  And sixty dollars later, the keys were in the truck between the seat.  But the cost to my "stress level"---way more expensive!!  I know Mac didn't do it on purpose, but his "search level" was not near as high as mine.  I ripped the sheets of the bed.  I had Mac going through his garbage, his drawers, under his bed, behind his bed.  Everywhere.  Now keep in mind, I'm straight up "Madea" mad at this point that I'm having to do this at 6:30am...  Not a happy camper and neither one of us are "morning" people so the tension level was off the chain.  Since we couldn't find them, he took my truck to school and we just dealt with it when he got home.  So brings us to the lockspmith--at 5pm, who finally showed up close to 7pm. 

Can I just say coming to work today is like having a "mommy vacation"!!  It's like my "safe" zone!!  But I don't want to talk too much about that because it can quickly go down hill as well.

Now back to my "No Spending Streaks"---I will for sure get my X today.  I do have to get gas, but that is a "must have" not fluff...  And I packed my breakfast, lunch and dinner today at work--so all is good there!!  I'm hoping for atleast three X's in a row!!

FYI:  No clue who the guy in the picture is!!!

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