Monday, July 15, 2013

Tinkerbell Love....

In honor of my brother and his family being in Disney this week..  I truly hope they tell Tinkerbell just how much I love her!!  She is my all time favorite animated star!!  I hope they have a wonderful time!!!

Mac left on Saturday for a month in California with his dad.  Oh how I'm going to miss my little man!!  But he needs the time with his dad and I need a "mommy break"!!!  I wish I could say I was going somewhere tropical or full of mountains.  Nope...  Not happening this year.  I will be working on my new second job with Pure Romance.  I had two parties last week and am so HOOKED.  Such a fun way to spend an evening with a bunch of ladies.  I'm very excited about this new busniess opportunity.   Check out my Facebook link to the right of the page.  I offers specials and sales items each month!!!

Mya is doing great.  I don't think she has realized Mac has left yet.   She had her Nosework class Saturday and had to search for things (cheese wiz) that was hidden inside different parts of the room.  Mac was very excited that his dad was able to go to a class with him.  We are both so proud of the things she is learning to do.  Our next search is outside!!!  And I have to take her by myself...  That should be interesting!!!

I have been very bad on my exercising since Mya got sick a few weeks ago with the whole tick thing.  I haven't walked at all!!!  And my Glow in the Park 5K is in 12 days!!!  I have got to get back on track this week.  Mya and I both need the activity.  I'm off until Thursday so there is NO EXCUSE!!!

Well friends, I hope ya'll have a wonderful week!!! 

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