Thursday, July 18, 2013

Confession Time....

This post is long over due!!  I must confess it, so I can accept it, and move on!!  I have not exercised since Mya got sick--about 3 weeks ago!  Don't get me wrong, she is completely fine now---I just fell out of my routine and haven't even attempted to get back on track.  How sad is that?  And my Glow in the Park 5k is one week from tomorrow!!  LAWD is that going to be a HOT MESS!!  But I'm going to go and probably just crawl over the finish line---but I'm going!!  I'm off work for the weekend and plan on walking/slow jog the Hillsboro trail Saturday and Sunday.  Our humidity is only like 140% right now---so anything outside is just a hot, sticky mess.  But---I gotta just suck it up!!!

I've heard from Mac several times.  He's loving California, of course no humidity.   This will be his first full week out there.  He took some great pictures of all their stops along the way.  He loved the Grand Canyon and wants to go back..  I'm down with that!!  This is one of my favorite pictures.  He doesn't like heights at all---so it made me laugh....

On the Pure Romance side, first two party orders are filled and shipping out today.  Had a few back orders that will go out this weekend.  But other than that---the whole process is very simple.  I love doing it and will just continue to get better at it.  I ordered a big window decal for the back window of my car.  Gotta advertise!  My next party for right now isn't until mid August---but ladies---they are so much fun.   I should have my decals sometime next week...  Then every time I'm driving, I'm advertising!!!
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Goals for the weekend:
Clean house
EXERCISE both days
Clip Mya's toenails
Do school registration paperwork!!

Guess what??  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  WHOOP!!!