Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Changes Coming!!

I'm so excited about this new diet that I'm going to start as soon as I get it in the mail..  It's called the 21 Day Fix.  I ran into a lady at Walgreens and we started chatting and she told me all about it.  She was doing great on it.  She really liked it because it helps you with portion control.   Fill the containers with the designated food for that color---and your done..   Simple as that..  Now as I said, I haven't received mine yet--so I can't tell you much more than that for now.   But I'm so excited for it to come..

Now another part of this diet is a product called Shakeology.   I'm REALLY excited about it as well.  I love protein shakes and protein bars so this will work well for me.  There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest for it as well.  I like "drinking" my breakfast, so this works out great for me..

The exercise program is 30 minutes a day.  I can carve out thirty minutes---I'm GOING to carve out thirty minutes a day is more like it.  I'm investing in this program and my health.   I've been way to lax this year and my health has paid the price.   I have type two diabetes and it's controlled by my weight.  And let just say, my numbers aren't that good right now.  So to get everything in check, it's time to lose the weight!!

Stay tuned for updates---I'm going to be accountable to my blog and Facebook!!!    

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