Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is It Over Yet??

I love love love the Christmas season, but working this much through it has been crazy.  But thankfully things have slowed down and I'm almost to a normal schedule again. 
So where do we begin...  Mac and I are loving our membership at Gold's.  When we joined we were both getting over nasty colds, but all is better now and my sweet trainer kicked my butt Monday.  Then of course I couldn't go yesterday because Betty had to go into the shop and I was car-less...  Always something!!

Hopefully we have cured the dreaded headache's with some new specks.  Now it has been decades since I have worn anything other than sun glasses..  So this is going to take some getting used too.  They are progressives--and I only have to wear them at work, reading or driving...   They are kinda fun and funky...

Ya'll know I rarely, if ever, do "selfies" so here's a picture of my funky specks..

Since I've given up some bad habits (ie the abundence of wine I was drinking)---I'm feeling like a new person.  I reinstated My Fitness Pal app on my new phone and linked up my Jawbone Up to it as well.   So no excuses...   I'm still trying to get up and workout before I go to work---which means getting up at 4:45am..  Can I tell ya'll how hard that is for me!!  But if I want it bad enough I will start getting my ass up!!

Have a great Wednesday friends!!!

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