Thursday, December 19, 2013

All For Phil and FREE Speech!!!

I'm going to start off with, this is my opinion, if you don't want to read it--check back tomorrow and see if you like that topic better. 

To suspend Phil Robertson for HIS comments is just a serious load of crap.  A&E knew what the Robertson's stood for when they signed them for the show.  They have had to defend their views several times IF what I've read is correct.  What to me is even crazier, and I know they are getting paid--but the Robertson's let all of us--into their world.   Is A&E getting nasty letters from PETA regarding the weekly animal killings?  I haven't heard about that if they are--or is that groups opinion tossed out. 
I have several gay friends that truly think this is redonkulous...  Phil simply stated his views and how he precieves things.  His gerneration was brought up completly different than today's world.  He has seen so many changes.  Now I know there has to be limitations on what is said and done, obviously---but I would rather watch Duck Dynasty any day of the week verses Intervention or The Killer Speaks.  I mean really---why do we give a KNOWN killer TV time??  That to me, as a Christian---is offensive.

I could go on for days about this---but I'm not giving the idots that started this anymore of my time...

One of my Facebook friends said it best---Tolerance and Love....

Merry Christmas!!!

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